Awake, Arise The Great Untouchable

by Finland

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released January 1, 2007

At the time of this recording, Finland was Joshua Fleenor (Guitar, Vocals & Keys), David Albani (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Bells, Keys & Percussion), and Lev (Bass, Drums, Keys, Bells & Percussion).

All songs written by Finland except tracks 5 and 6 written by Joshua Fleenor. Lyrics written by Joshua Fleenor.

Vocals on track 8 by Amy Sue. Excerpt on track 2 from "A Poem for Josh" written by Shem Fleenor and spoken by Brendon Paredes.

Thanks to: Brendon, Jason, Tyler, Amy, Shem, Dave Bumsted, Marshall, Team Grizzly, Amanda, our friends and families and you.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brendon Paredes at Studio 101. Produced by Finland and Brendon Paredes.

Released in 2007 by Team Grizzly.



all rights reserved


Finland Melbourne, Florida

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Track Name: Awake, Arise The Great Untouchable
awake arise the great untouchable
you have left me here on a lark
and i am waiting my whole life still
for a heart that's pure and touchable
i put up my hands to cover my face
so i feel safer
it's always been better that way
if courage should come tonight
i fear it may be to late
cause i am already gone
Track Name: Medication
medication is on it's way here soon
so keep the curtains drawn to darken up the room
or they will find us yeah, they will point and shoot
and there will be no more
of these wasted afternoons
medication is on it's way here soon
so keep those eyelids up
or you'll miss the burst and bloom
sometimes i still do
Track Name: Through These Walls
in the midst of daylight
we do not see eye to eye
oh how quickly we forget we were built to fall
so using sharp intentions
we throw words that make us seem tall
but oh how quickly we forget
this town was built so small
and i am ashamed i let you get the best of me
through these walls everybody looks the same
and my eyes swell
through these walls the world just looks the same
and i am afraid to show my face
Track Name: Ivory
i am done with loving
it has proven to be dishonest
so in honor of my father
i am leaving everything i've built behind
i have tried hard to focus
on the good i've seen in lovers
though there is not much left
and every time you open your legs
to bait another
you lose value
though you reputation soars
and that's the status
that you've been longing for
well congratulations
you're everybody's whore
well aren't you ashamed
or were you born this way
so afraid
and i promise you will be
remembered as the person who destroyed everything
pure about love
Track Name: The Anchors That Keep Me
I shoulder all the blame today
for how i have raised myself to be
a shell that's full of loss and shame
and a man who has grown afraid
to look ahead
now there is hope amongst the moving
they are anchors that are keeping me
from drifting out to see
you have conjured strength
i haven't seen
it's been sleeping throughout all these years
you have faith and still you're standing
you have love i've seen it beaming from your face
and i will see it soon
Track Name: A Bad Truce
this is so beneath me now
a morning drink
to help me wake and see
the day more clearly
i should have kept you at an arms length
untouched and free
now i've misplaced my friends and family
to no fault of their own
bad news is bad news
if it's good news that haunts you
and it's a bad truce
when the other party is devouring this town
i don't want to hear
i told you so
though i may deserve it
i should have listened to the words as they cracked
the open silence with sad excuses
and i am learning now what i should have known before
what a shame you couldn't love me at all
Track Name: I Am The Mark
it's so hard to focus on these empty talks
people i know are changing what they say
words like i love you and i need you
they lose their feeling if now used everyday
come to me with an ending and i'll give you a grand one
sought full of excuses but picture perfect
because i am the healer
maybe not quite the hero
i am the mark
Track Name: Don't Look Now
the smartest thing i've every done
is learn how to love
the dumbest thing i've every done
is learn how to trust
and now the nights are rolling by
and as i lay by your side
i try so hard to make you comfortable enough
so you won't twist that knife
don't look now when you think you've found it
one thing you hold dear
is in the never ending question you ask
can we ever love somebody
then there is the nightlife
and as it's calling you
the place that you call home
seems forgotten as you go
and as you fade out
each breath is gaining strength
you repeat this is who i am
and where i'll remain as you sleep
and as you conquered this town
i just let you down
the greatest thing i've done
was give you chance after chance
cause i am not a quitter
though i want to be