Different Weather

by Finland

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released July 1, 2011

All songs performed by Josh Fleenor, Dave Albani, Scott Rockwell, and Joey Martin. Written by Josh Fleenor and Dave Albani. Lyrics by Josh Fleenor.

Recorded by Jay Godwin and Juan Diaz at SoundQuest Studios in the fall of 2010. Mixed by Jay Godwin. Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.

Art and design by Joshua Mikel at sharkguts design 2013




all rights reserved


Finland Melbourne, Florida

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Track Name: Awake, Arise
as you settled into ground
waiting for these seeds to bloom
i knew your arms were stretching out
and wreaking havoc on the soil
and as your branches ventured out
grasping everything in sight
i knew i had to cut you down
now youre gone , it's never felt so right

awake arise the great untouchable
you have left me here on a lark
and am waiting all my life still
for a heart that's pure and touchable

i put up my hands to cover my face so i'll feel safer
it's always been better that way

if courage should come tonight
i fear it may be to late
because i am already gone
Track Name: Different Weather
without silence comes no peace
and i hear voices telling me to change my ways
but i've been having trouble listening
they promised me a brand new place
if i find my way

and i should have learned by now
but you never tought me how
so i keep bending til i break
and my words they form so cold
with a lack of self control
but that shit makes forgive more

and we've been shattering our time
into pieces so defined
and now every hour ends
with the smack of irony
Track Name: You Were Born a Lion
(you were born a lion, you were born a lion)
if you captured light would you hold against her tight
or waste it like you've done for your whole life
would you learn how to dance or take a chance on romance
if it meant catching that flight

it's these matters of suprise
that keep our bodies breathing
a littler longer now
but when youth is lost by trial
you'd do anything to steal another taste of victory

you were born a lion
now you're just a liar
you were born a lion
now you're just surviving
Track Name: The Hill
to jump without knowing where you are touching down
can be debilitating or at least that's what i've learned
and now it's made us equally each to blame
for how this bond had burned

when we to start to look back
i hope these years are not forgotten
i'll just quietly step backwards
while you're jetting down the aisle

soon you will stay in the house
in the house that you've built
on a hill far away, far away from the sea
unashamed and unafraid that you had ever thought of leaving
Track Name: Florida's Skin
it seemed so wrong
to see us more than friends
and though we never were
i guess you love to pretend

when i look at you now
you're a joke that never ends
and with a smerk on my face
you can see i won't be touched again

so just move on to oregon
because you've used all of this florida skin
Track Name: You And The Whirl
all your whirling stories they can't shake me now
i've got thick skin but a harder head to match this heart barely breathing
now in a bored house there comes a fire fight
and if you lost love you said that you'd take flight
but at just the right moment you dive

with one last lie from your burning tounge
you shook the love from me

now i've taken lenghts to save this home
and quiet words turn into screams
and crack these weary bones
so i gently begin to sing
filling out each sleepless night
hoping you'd forget to breathe

just wait and see
i'll soon be a memory

i've paid a mint to find out why
there's so much pain throughout these lines
both on hands on my face
i've been strategically denied
both love and trust for most of my life
and i have yet to win that fight
so i will try to get some sleep
yes i will rest these weary limbs
and hope tomorrow brings new light
and through it's rays i'll be just fine
Track Name: The Son and The Shine
shake me awake i've finally hit the bottom
happiness comes once you've emptied out the bottle
my mouth has run dry from measuring out the levels
tomorrow is so near i hope to make it through to morning

maybe the Son and the shine
can help me believe again

if this is what you wanted
do anything keep this feeling
if this what you need then
who's gonna stay to keep you breathing

you told me this isn't right
as eyes roll back then focus
i just wish that they'd stay shut tonight
do you think you could be proud
if i could stay fully up and down